Do you want to turn your writing passion into a real business?

Live The Laptop Lifestyle By Doing What You LOVE For A Living

Now you can learn how to use your words to make money while you sleep, have more freedom in your life and maybe move to a tropical island paradise!

If you're stuck in the 9-5 grind and have always dreamed of something more… this is your opportunity.

You've heard the success stories of ordinary people who are no longer tied to their jobs, who have found a way to be their own boss and life the laptop lifestyle, sipping cocktails on the beach… 

But it seems so far away and unattainable, so it has always remained a dream. 

Until now. 

I'm here to tell you a little secret. 

You already HAVE the keys to your dream lifestyle.

You can turn your writing passion into a business that generates real income while you sleep.

You could be writing about what you love, building an audience of people that resonate with your message and actually get paid for it.

You could become a credible authority in your area where people trust and respect every word you say.

And yes, you CAN earn enough to quit your job.


By starting a blog.

If you've searched for anything online, it's a guarantee you've landed on someone's blog. It's an easy way of sharing valuable content with people that they enjoy reading.

And if you know how to leverage that… it's a very real way of making money.

But you might be wondering… if there's so many of them, do people even still read blogs?

Well, in one sense you're right. A quarter of all websites on the internet are blogs but…

…77% of internet users still read blogs regularly.

That's BILLIONS of people you can reach.  

Blogs have become a primary source of information, entertainment and education, and are only continuing to grow.

In fact, there's a high chance you found me through my blog.

My blog has been the a huge part of the Serve No Master central hub. It helps introduce me to new readers, give value and ultimately, bring in the money.

Without my blog I definitely wouldn't be where I am today, and I'm not the only one.

John Chow started off his blog by taking photos of food and sharing updates with his family, and occasionally posting something about his business knowledge.

Then one reader challenged him to actually make money online instead of just talk about it—and that challenge changed everything.

  He went from $0 to $40,000 a month within the year, and now he earns over $100,000 a month. 

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner originally started her blog, Making Sense of Cents, to talk about her journey through her college debt.

Now she makes 7 figures a year and says, “Blogging has allowed me to take control of my finances and earn more money. It means I can work from home, travel whenever I want, have a flexible schedule and more!”

But money isn't the only type of success…

There's literally hundreds of stories, but I don't want to bore you or intimidate you with other people's success.

Instead, let me give you a realistic picture of what you could earn with your blog:

ConvertKit ran a massive survey in 2017 to examine what bloggers who make money are really earning per year—in real profit, not just overall. 

They found that the average ‘pro' blogger makes $138,046 in profit per year…

While the average ‘not-yet-pro' blogger makes $9,497 in profit per year.

Even if you don't go ‘pro'… isn't an extra $9,497 a year both achievable and amazing? Think of what you could do with that extra cash in your hands.

But I want to take you even further than that, even if you've never done anything like this before.

I want to turn you from ‘not-yet-pro' to a ‘pro' blogger.

Go From A ‘Not-Yet-Pro' To A ‘PRO' Blogger With
Blogging For Dollars

This is a comprehensive video training series to take you from beginner to master blogger—from your initial ideas all the way to building a sustainable business.

MODULE ONE: Let’s Get Your Mind Right

If you treat blogging like a hobby, it will only stay a hobby. You need to treat it like a business or it will never become one. In this module I'm going to show you what your main goals should be and four reasons why you need to start a blog right now—ESPECIALLY if you’re on the fence. 


The three things to think about before choosing your niche and a whopping FIFTY niches that I've researched that will make money this year


How one sheet of paper and a post-it note can be more useful in generating traffic for your blog than writing months of content


Set your financial benchmarks and organize your mindset so you'll know when you can quit your job before you write a single word

MODULE TWO: Let’s Start Your Blog Today

Once you know WHO is going to be interested in you, I’ll teach you HOW to tell your story. When people treat you like a movie star when they meet you in person, it’ll be because you followed the advice in this video. There’s an entire industry out there made to take advantage of your nervousness and suck hundreds of dollars out of your wallet… 

Don't fall into the PROCRASTINATION TRAP:

Most blogs fail before they even start because people procrastinate, I'll show you how to get a killer start TODAY


This is going to be the first page you're going to make, and it's not a blog page, it's going to sell every aspect of your business

Don't miss the CRITICAL FACTOR:

This one step is so important to get right that you can take 12 hours with it if you have to!

MODULE THREE: Let’s Make You A Digital Celebrity

By now your blog is real, it’s up and running, and you’ve got some great ideas inside your head. Now it’s time to turn those ideas into reality. You’ll learn why “winners play chess”—and how to make sure that every piece of content you create isn’t just filler, it’s part of a cash generating STRATEGY. 


I'll show you tactics I use to make people IMMEDIATELY interested in what I have to say and stay glued throughout

Grab the “My Blog Sucks” RESCUE PLAN:

I’ve got four things you need to do if you have a HORRIBLE blog that stinks, and need to change things up.

Get Readers, PERIOD:

I’ll show you five places you should go for traffic, and I’ll give you my Jump Start Activation Plan that you can do EVERY day to build a killer audience

MODULE FOUR: Let’s Cash In

If your blog content is a great steak, your blog headlines are the sizzle—and the great smell that leads them wandering into the store. I’ll also include the 17 places I go to legally steal the very top headlines so I’m always on the cutting edge. 


This is a long term strategy that leads people from visiting, to reading, to joining your mailing list, to buying!


I’ll be revealing how to make huge affiliate sales without spending any time on making products or dealing with customers


I’ll walk you through your first “tripwire” product. This is a short, inexpensive product you can use to get your first real buyers… and a good way for you to build your skills as a product creator

MODULE FIVE: Let’s Survive The Sale And Bank Your Cash

Believe it or not, about 80% of my income comes from small, simple things that I do after that initial sale of a product. I’ll show you exactly how I set up my website to make #1 in the search engine rankings so that you can save hundreds and get thousands of dollars in free traffic.


I'll introduce you to the “technical stuff” that allows you to actually, physically get paid by customers such as PayPal, Stripe, Shopify, and all of the tools you need to sell and SECURE your products


Here’s the style that search engines crave like CATNIP, and the settings you’ll be using to take total advantage of it

​Explode your SOCIAL SHARING:

Here’s how to make your website, lighter, more social, and practically FORCE people to share your work with all of their friends—and do it with a smile

This is only the beginning of your journey

These modules, if you follow them as we go along, will help you get your blog up and running the right way—and that's BEFORE the training is over!

You'll have all the tools you need to get you going and keep you going for the long run. 

If you want to get access to the exact methods I used to build my successful blog, this is your chance.

What would you pay to look inside the mind of someone making a real living from their writing?

Copy The Insider Secrets Of A Successful Blogger Today! Only $297 $197

But hold on a minute.

Didn't I say I was going to help you become a pro? I certainly did.

Pro bloggers take their blogs and turn them into a part of their business.  

They use advanced knowledge and strategies to bring in income from different sources, nurture passing visitors into paying customers, and ultimately, their blog becomes their freedom.

And while you can absolutely succeed with the training above…

Let me make this an even BETTER deal for you.  

Let me take you by the hand and give you the exact tools and knowledge you need to succeed.

Jump in now for these FIVE amazing bonuses!


These five videos are focused like a LASER on building the ingredients that turn one website into a machine that generates thousands of dollars—it doesn’t come from writing great blog posts, it comes from having a FUNNEL. 

Finding your WRITER'S VOICE:

Why nobody trusts reporters anywhere online, and why the more you try to sound “objective” the more people you’ll turn off!

Focus on the READER VALUE:

Three good reasons why you shouldn’t do a bunch of BUY NOW hard selling and focus on value and education instead

Finding your WRITER'S VOICE:

Why nobody trusts reporters anywhere online, and why the more you try to sound “objective” the more people you’ll turn off!


Like I say over and over again… traffic makes the difference between a hit blog and an anonymous flop. But how to you turn that traffic into money consistently? Blog affiliate is here to show you what to put on your website to make money. The most powerful form of free traffic there is? Affiliate traffic. 

Search for the ELUSIVE UNICORN:

How to find a "Unicorn Offer"—you only need to take a day and find one of these, and your blog will be totally transformed.


The four criteria I use to get foolproof, BIG MONEY products to promote from any platform.


Once you have someone on your mailing list, what are you going to show them? It’s so important that you build a continuing relationship

Bonus #3: BLOG EMAIL

Email marketing isn't dead. It's where you'll be building that relationship and getting people to buy from you over and over again. In fact, I make most of my money in the weeks and MONTHS after the initial sale.

Search for the ELUSIVE UNICORN:

How to find a "Unicorn Offer"—you only need to take a day and find one of these, and your blog will be totally transformed.

Copy the MASTER:

You’ll be introduced to the method I’m using to get consistent $2,000 (and higher!) sales just from sending emails. Learn it… then EMULATE IT


I’ll show you what to do when people AREN’T buying your work, so that you’re still making at least SOMETHING of value off of every subscriber


Blogging isn't just a one-man team anymore, sometimes you need some extra help. Not only does this free up your time to do the actual money-making stuff, but it gives you the opportunity to grow EXPONENTIALLY.


If you've never hired someone before, you might not realize how much of a nightmare it can be if you make mistakes in your process—here's how to avoid them


If you've ever wanted to look inside a well-oiled machine, you can now! You'll get to see how I post internal content, plan for traffic and format beautiful content


You'll get all the worksheets, walkthroughs and training videos I use to train my own team—why invent the wheel when you can just use mine?


SEO, or search engine optimization, is how your blog gets found in the great internet sea. I'm going to take your knowledge to the next level and give you all the tips and tricks that I've found…


Most people have great content, but fail to see the little tweaks that could make their blog shoot up to that number one page—here's the downlow…

Breeze through SEO RESEARCH:

Knowing what to look for is half the battle, I'll walk you through everything from keyword research to linking to other content to strengthen you blog's authority

Shortcut your WAY TO SUCCESS:

SEO is pretty dry and boring isn't it? I'll give you the shortcuts you need to slide through the boring world of SEO as easy as possible!

You Are 100% Covered, There's No Risk To You.

If you're on the fence, why don't I make it even easier for you?

You can go through all the videos, download all the resources and try out everything and anything. 

Go through it with a fine toothed comb. 

And at the end of 30 days if you're unsatisfied in any way, even on day 29… just send me an email and I'll refund your money straight away.

Although I'm confident that you'll love what's inside, I'll take all the risk with a 30 day money back guarantee. 

But you'll have to make that decision now.

I don't know how long I can leave this training at this price. I might even start charging extra for the insane bonuses

If you still see everything on this page, you've still got time. 

But remember, the most successful people are the ones that take opportunities when they arise. The rest dawdle around wondering what could have been.

And I want you to be one of those people that succeeds. 

So what are your options?

You could do nothing, leave this page and return to your 9-5, still dreaming about a lifestyle of freedom. 

You could keep struggling with a blog you've got already and maybe you'll get there if you put in enough blood, sweat and tears.


You could let me show you the way.

You could let me fast track your knowledge and give you the right foundation you need to not only start a blog, but to build a real business you can depend on.

Wouldn't it be great if you could make money doing what you love?

I do, and so do many others. Will you be next?

Copy The Insider Secrets Of A Successful Blogger Today! Only $297 $197

P.S If you've ever dreamed of more freedom in your life and doing what you love for a living, this training is going to boost you towards the laptop lifestyle, even I you've never done anything like this before. You'll learn how to make money from your writing—and not just chump change, but a tangible, real living from writing about what you love. 

You'll get a no nonsense, comprehensive video training series that will take you from beginner to master, everything from deciding what to write about all the way until you're writing to an engaged fan base who'll also be your best customers, including FIVE bonuses to accelerate your blog to the next level. Try it out for yourself with a 30 day guarantee—but I'm confident you'll love being a successful blogger instead. 


Nope! This training is designed to take you from newbie to pro so you don’t have to know anything about blogging at all.

It’s even better if you don’t, that way you’ll pick up all the right training from the start.

That being said, if you DO have a not-so-successful blog, I’ll also show you how to ‘rescue’ it and turn it into something amazing.

That’s okay! You don’t need to be an expert writer or have even written much before, this will help you grow and develop your writing skills. People are more likely to resonate with you if you’re writing in a much more casual, down-to-earth style rather than anything fancy.
Totally fine.  A big part of this training is to help you figure that out, not only to inspire you with ideas and give you a system to continue generating content—but also to help you determine whether your topic will actually be successful This research system will help you narrow it down to exactly what’s going to be right for you and your audience. And if you’re still stuck, you can always ask for brainstorming help in the private Facebook group!
You don’t have to be. It’s only as complicated as you make it. I’ll show you step by step how to set up your website and hosting and connect all the pieces together. Once you’ve done it once, you’re pretty much good to go!
Absolutely. You are 100% covered by my no-questions asked, 30 days guarantee. If for ANY REASON, no matter how insignificant, you are not 100% happy, just let me know and I’ll issue a full and complete refund on the spot. I know you’re ready to start an amazing blog. Who knows, you could even end up doing better than me. But hurry, this training (and the exclusive bonuses) won’t be available for long.

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