The Simple Technique to Build More Connections and make more money

than a Harvard MBA

Learn the 3-Step Formula the top One Percent Use

to Recognize and Close Deals with Each Other

What's stopping you from making your first million this year?

Seriously. What's stopping you?

Have you tried to reach out to business contacts or speakers at events only to have your efforts fall flat?

Are you still struggling to find mentors, business partners, advertisers or people to promote your offers?

Have you released a product that nobody promoted?

Does the phone ring and ring when you call people?

When I lost my job AND my apartment, my connections were the ONLY 

resource I had left.

My lovely family now…I met my wife through one of those connections…

Do you have that same fire in your belly? You probably do, or you wouldn’t be here.

What you don’t have is the connections.

If you did, you could have an idea, pick up the phone, and have it funded by tomorrow morning Business is ALL about those connections.

Why do you think people going to Stanford business school or Harvard have it made in the shade by the time they graduate?

They can pick up the phone and in minutes they’re speaking to the leading experts, or the leading financing guys, who make things happen..

Without those connections, it’s nearly impossible to get started in business. Most businesses start this way, and that’s why more than 50% of small business fail in the first years. (According to the Small Business Administration) 

This is the EXACT position I found myself in when I lost my job. I had two huge financial commitments, and they swept the rug right out from under my feet.

Losing your job and living without a net is scary…

And striking out on your own to start a new business venture requires hundreds of decisions every single day. Without a mentor to guide you, many of those decisions are based on poor information or luck. Those tiny decisions can add up to death for a small business.

That’s the bad news; the good news is that I have the solution:

And I’m going to share with you exactly how to in 30 days have MORE connections than they make in 4 years of the most elite colleges in the world…

Without having to cold call, pass out business cards, or spend money on drinks and expensive cars

Imagine what it would be like to have your phone ring and that dream contact is on the line BEGGING for a chance to work with you.

After years of hard work and trying to form the right contacts, struggling with disappointment, the tables have finally turned. Sitting there at your desk, the phone rings. A few months ago you were watching him on television, and you even bought one of his courses, and now this titan in your industry wants to partner on a project. What would it feel like to have that level of validation and to KNOW that your financial future is secure?

Imagine walking into a room full of CEOs, and they all start whispering about you… each one nervous to be the first one to speak with you.

You walk into the room at this elite meeting of the top leaders in your industry. You’ve always known these backroom meetings existed, but had no idea to find out where let alone get an invite… But tonight you walk in with the leader, and he’s introducing you like you have been best friends for decades. All of his credibility is passed on to you, and everyone is desperate for a chance to work with you and make some SERIOUS money together.

Imagine how it will feel when a celebrity gives you their private cell phone..instead of the business card that everyone else gets…

The first time you meet a celebrity and THEY are the nervous one; you start to realize how much your life has changed. They might make movies, but you know how to make it rain. You have established a powerful reputation as a thought leader and a decision-maker. You haven’t handed out a business card in years. So many people want your number that now you’re the one who must be selective. You can’t give your number to just anyone..

Imagine having a drink in a bar with a stranger and then going back to your friends and business associates…with their mouths WIDE OPEN…

And they tell you that you just had a drink with a player from the national football team, a college football champion, the head of the East London mafia, a movie star or the billionaire who owns multiple oil tankers. And to you, it’s no big deal because people like that are DRAWN to you.

My adventures are not because I'm special: I simply know One Trick to instantly turn any introduction into Profit

This is the ability to form a connection and make people ‘like you’ in less than thirty seconds. This is truly the ultimate superpower in our society. When people like you, anything is possible…

But life wasn’t always this good. A few years ago I thought I had my dream job and then it all came crashing down in a single weekend…

Friday I bought a new car, Saturday I signed a new lease, Monday they FIRED ME

Even before that rejection, I knew rejection as a child…

When I was younger, I would come from school and cry into my pillow because nobody liked me. I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong. My parents bought me the best toys, and I would always share. No matter how much kindness I tried…nothing worked.

Boys didn’t want to play with me, and girls called me gross.​

I experienced devastating rejection across the social spectrum. I started to think that my genetic line had been selected for expunging.​

That I would be the last generation of my bloodline…

My destiny was to die alone in obscurity.​

And then I met ‘Nathan.” He was the first popular person I ever met who treated me like a human.

That I would be the last generation of my bloodline…

My destiny was to die alone in obscurity.​ And then I met ‘Nathan.” He was the first popular person I ever met who treated me like a human. I didn’t feel like a worm in his presence. He treated people love, kindness, and respect. I took notes on every aspect of his personality to finally distill “popularity” into a formula.

I used the scientific method to study, analyze and finally reverse engineer popularity into a formula. Into a simple series of steps that I could replicate in multiple cultures and social situations.

I traveled the world in my twenties and tested my popularity system in Japan, Sweden, Wales, England, Austria, and Mexico. I was able to achieve near-instant popularity in Chicago, DC, Los Angeles and New York.

This system for friendship is not limited by gender, age, economics or background. It works over and over and over again.

When I was a little older, I carried what I learned from my childhood into business and used my networking skills to get hired at one of the top universities in America.

I sent a cold email to the chair of the department I wanted to work in. There were NO active job listings, but there was a job that they had tried to fill earlier and had given up. I went into that interview, used my formula, and charmed the pants right off my new boss….

By the time I was twenty-nine I was running a small department with six teachers and a 7-figure budget.

Less than a month later, they found out that I was blogging on the side with dreams of starting my own business.


Despite the fact that I had ALREADY saved nearly twenty-percent of the budget.
Despite the fact that I was months ahead of schedule and completing projects in days that they thought would take months.

The kicked me out during a blizzard.

Talk about being out in the cold.

Driving home through a snowstorm, I thought my life was over....

Based on my new position I had signed a lease on a new apartment and taken out a loan for a car that I suddenly couldn’t afford.

A month later I maxed out my credit card to go to my first online marketing conference. I was so broke that I had to BEG someone I barely knew to let me sleep on the floor of his hotel room. I was that desperate….

I watched all of these titans of industry on stage talking about their 7-figure businesses. They had the most amazing stories and were selling products for thousands of dollars.

I didn’t have that kind of money. I barely afforded the ticket to GET THERE….I was sleeping on the FLOOR.

I couldn’t afford any of these amazing, life-changing courses.

In that moment I had a revelation – no if I could form real connections with these business leaders, I knew I could build a successful business online

Here's what one of those speakers has to say about me now:

Steve Blom

Yada Yada Marketing

Jonathan came on the scene only eighteen months ago, and it seemed like he went from nowhere to

pretty much knowing ALL the important movers and shakers.

Now I can walk into any room and KNOW that everyone will like me. I can be the life of the party in any social setting. I have had dinner with members of the Yakuza and shots of tequila with members of the English national soccer team. The head of the London mafia invited me to ghostwrite his biography, and I have dated more than one Olympic athlete.

Whether you’re about to ask your boss for that promotion you need to make ends meet or walk up to an entrepreneur you want to do business with, how much they like you will determine the outcome.

Think about the people you invest time in at the office. Do you want to give projects to the co-workers who drive you crazy or the ones that come over to your house for a barbecue every summer?

Here are just a few pictures from that night. If you were to do business with just ONE of these people, you could pay off your mortgage or buy that sports car you’ve been dreaming of. The deals and connections formed at MY party have already generated well into the eight figures

A few years later I threw a party at the SAME EVENT

Have you ever seen Shark Tank?

If just ONE of these people promoted your business, you would have a SIX-FIGURE DAY...

You Don't Just want FRIENDS

You Want to Make MONEY

I promote and sell offers on nearly twenty different platforms. Everyone tracks their sales and payments differently. I get paid dozens of times every single month from all my different friends (including many of the people you see in the photos above.) Here are just a FEW examples:

I have earned over $100k from a partnership with just ONE

 The very first time I asked people to promote me

generated over $33,972

person that I met at a conference

The Most Powerful NETWORKING TOOL In the World


​​The exact system I used to build my business empire – without knowing a single person!

Every tool and resource you need to build your own empire, without the stress of talking to strangers or spending loads of cash trying to impress the wrong people. Avoid the awkwardness of “networking events” and take control of your entire destiny.

This 3-Step Networking Technique Will Reveal:

Networking Empire Changed My Life...

Here is what a few Millionaires have to say…

Colin Theriot

- The Cult of Copy

"I KNEW I would HATE him..."

“First time I saw Jonathan, he had wild bleached blond hair and I KNEW I would HATE him. It turns out the haircut was a marketing ploy to generate curiosity. “Who is that guy? What’s he do? Why’s he here?”

That’s one of his superpowers.
When I DID finally meet him, I discovered he’s a marketing and positioning brainiac who came our of nowhere to be friends with practically everyone in the business. Jonathan’s sporting a less wild look now, but don’t be fooled – he continues to be crazy fun to hang out with AND mooch contacts off of. He’s legit.

Ryan McKinney -

"Listen to every word Jonathan says."

“Networking is more than just “showing” up to events and awkwardly fumbling around the event with no real goal in mind. There is an ‘art’ to it. I would like to think I understand that art and do it well.

When I went through this course, I agreed with every section. If you really want to learn how to network and get into the graces of successful people, you want to listen to every word Jonathan says.

Greig Wells


“He told me it was all calculated...”

“What makes Jonathan’s networking unique is how strategic he is…Jonathan built rapport with me to the point where I wanted to mentor him and help him succeed, so imagine my surprise when he told me it was all calculated. But that just impressed me all the more with him.

When I went through this course, I agreed with every section. If you really want to learn how to network and get into the graces of successful people, you want to listen to every word Jonathan says.

The Most Powerful NETWORKING TOOL In the World


The exact system I used to build my business empire – without knowing a single person!

Every tool and resource you need to build your own empire, without the stress of talking to strangers or spending loads of cash trying to impress the wrong people. Avoid the awkwardness of “networking events” and take control of your entire destiny.

Just to sweeten the deal: THREE EPIC BONUSES for

the first 100 people to take action.

Instant Celebrity ($97 Value)

Imagine walking into the hottest club in town, and the waitress knows your name, the bartenders makes your “usual,” and the owner comes out to shake your hand. How easy would it be to find business allies and close deals with that level of social proof? What if you could do this at your boss’s golf club or the chamber of commerce?
You would have the power of a CELEBRITY.

Imagine walking into a room, and the entire staff knows your name (just like Cheers). You don’t have to put any effort into impressing the power brokers in the room. Your easy popularity will precede you – without effort.

Promotion Juggernaut ($197 Value)

If you’re still working that 9-5 or in the sales game, then this module is going to change your life. No more guesswork at job interviews or promotions. This is the EXACT technique I used to get a job running a department at a top university at 29. I was horribly under-qualified, but my new boss couldn’t resist the PROMOTION JUGGERNAUT.

The main course is about building up a massive army of contacts, but Promotion Juggernaut is about targeting that one crucial contact you want to do business with. Even if you don’t have a boss anymore, you can use this technique to form a relationship with that one CEO or guru you’ve always dreamed of working with.

Eight Figure Party Formulab($997 Value)

Every one of those pictures at the top of the page is filled with millionaires. From celebrities to the owners of companies you use every single day, throwing a powerful party is the key to maximum success. People are drawn to good times, and you can create a world where you are the king (or queen). Everyone will be DESPERATE to get an invite to your next EIGHT FIGURE PARTY.

What is all this going to cost me?

What would it be worth to secure business partnerships worth 5, 6 or even 7 figures? To form real business connections without having to go to lame “networking events?”

People happily pay a quarter of a million bucks to go to an Ivy League school in the HOPES of forming contacts like these.

What would it be worth to have your next idea funded with EASE.?
Normally, a weekend training with me is $25,000 and the last time I hosted a party they paid me $10,000 just to organize it. (on top of all my business deals and contacts)

A ticket to one of my secret parties starts at $1000. (And I’m hosting a secret one that you WILL be invited too in 2017)

How much will a promotion pay in just one month? What would a single JV partner be with?

The bonuses alone are worth $1291

Networking Empire – Just $297

This Price Will Go Up

Every day you don’t take action, you’re losing money.  The longer you wait to get that next promotion, the longer it will take you to catch up on your bills and finally get ahead financially.

Every event you go to is WASTED without this information. Think of all the opportunities that have already passed you by. Why would you want that to happen anymore?​

I was just looking online, and the competition is charging from double to TWENTY times my price. My girlfriend thinks I’m a fool for giving away this gold at such a low price. But you’re a member of my tribe. You found this page because you believe in me and that means I believe in you.

This is a pre-launch price that will NOT be shared with the general public. As soon as I open this offer to affiliates, the price will rise significantly.​

As part of this early promotional price, you will get access to a SECRET BONUS. I don’t want to say too much but I will be throwing my first party in TWO years soon, and it WILL be life changing. You will get secret access to the networking event of 2017….but only if you take action FAST. My parties always sell out…

THREE Layers of Security:

1. Military Grade Encryption

Take a look at the top left corner of this webpage. Notice that it says “https” and not “http.” That S stands for security and it means that my industrial grade encryption is respected and endorsed by some SERIOUS brands, including:

That is the security on the open part of my website. The payment page has military-grade 256-bit encryption. Your private information is so secure that even I can’t access it without going through verification and identification.

2. My Real Face

You’d be hard-pressed to find a similar program where the teacher is a PERSON. Most “networking courses” are taught by companies. That means a drone is reading slides to you and teaching lessons they never applied. 

This website is covered with my REAL name and my REAL face. And when you come to my next event you will see me in person.
Nothing is more important than my reputation, and you know exactly who you are working with.
Take a look at that cute smile to the left; that’s a man you can trust!

3. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You have a full 30 days – that’s an entire month – to go through the entire course, watch every module, and try out all the strategies you want. Go through it with a fine toothed comb and if, in the unlikely event that you are not totally blown away by the content…

If you don’t make at least ONE new contact while implementing these lessons in the next thirty that will generate at LEAST an additional $5,000...

Then I want to give you a prompt and courteous refund.


Form meaningful connections and business relationships that will actually last. Connect with the most successful people in your industry and your phone will be ringing off the hook.

Learn where to meet the exact people you need to grow your business
Get introduced to them and enter their world as someone with status that THEY want to connect with
Become the most popular person in every room you walk into

Networking Empire was developed over ten years of real world research. Marketer after marketer has attested to the power of Jonathan’s system and it’s ability help ANYONE grow their personal business. But don’t wait because the bonuses will disappear and the price will go up when this promotional period ends. There is no risk with our 30-Day 100% money-back guarantee.

It doesn't matter if your Rolodex is EMPTY

I have spent most of my life traveling. I have lived in dozens of cities around the world and I built this system to allow me to plug into ANY new city and ANY new market with ease. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a single friend in the world.

You don’t need a single contact to leverage. You can start at square zero and achieve life-changing results in less than thirty days. This unique skill is how I know you can drop me off in any city in the world and I can build a new business.

Works even BETTER if You're Shy

I’m naturally introverted. I never go out and talk with strangers for no reason. In school I was painfully shy and I am very familiar with “social anxiety.” This system was built by a shy person for other shy people. You don’t have to be comfortable in social situations or walking up to strangers. Following this simple formula, they will walk up to you.

Struggle with Making Friends?

Parties are loud, the music stinks, there is nobody to talk to and you end up smelling like smoke. When you don’t know how to network and you have no idea who to talk to, networking events and parties are a total nightmare. When you are the one running the party and you activate your SOCIAL SONAR, you will form more connections in one hour than you did in TEN hours of previous parties and networking nightmares. 

Do You Hate Parties?

Unlike other networking groups and meetups, your goal is not to sell stuff to the people you meet. Just form strong connections and let people know your skill set. When you fly the MONEY BALLOON, jobs and opportunities will come your way. I have no products and nothing to sell when I go into this business, I let my contacts help me carve my path. Just tell people what you like to do and watch the opportunities fall into your lap.

Don't Know Your Niche or Have a Product?

Unlike other courses and trainings on business networking, this course starts with building a rock solid foundation. Finally understand how popularity and friendship actually work. No more “just be yourself” advice. You get the exact tools you need to become popular in business and social settings. Think of Networking Empire as a Social Swiss Army Knife – you have the right tool for EVERY social situation.


Traditional networking societies fail most people for several reasons. They start out costing hundred or even thousands of dollars a year and are filled with OTHER people at the bottom hoping to make that one critical connection. You are surrounded by the guy from the mailroom, not the CEO.

Expensive – They cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year just to join. On top of that are the hidden expenses. When the group meets for drinks or meals, you have to dip into your pockets again and again.

Bottom Feeders – These groups are filled with OTHER people at the bottom hoping to make that one critical connection. You are surrounded by the guys from the mailroom, not CEOs and power brokers.

Time Consuming – With mandatory group and one-on-one meetings, expect to spend hours a week investing in your local group. You end up investing ten hours or more for each new contact you meet.

Stuck in the Past – These networking groups are built around traditional local businesses. They are great for plumbers, but if you’re working online, with technology or have any time of national reach, nobody there will connect with you.

Pyramid Schemes – Every time you go to one of these meetings someone has a new pyramid scheme. Nothing sends a red flag faster than someone explaining why something “isn’t a pyramid scheme.” You don’t want to sell energy drinks from your car or order toothpaste from a catalog. Stop listening to people telling you how much “somebody else” made and focus on making real contacts the right way.

In the time it takes you to meet one low-level assistant or clerk from another company using one of these overpriced groups, you could be golfing with the CEO and building your own Networking Empire. They all require you to pay before you meet anyone and when you realize what a waste of time and money it is, well, good luck asking for a refund…

This Course will Change Your Life, But You Don't Have to Just Take My Word For It...

“Much classier than the majority...”

“Jonathan is a badass when it comes to networking and creating lasting relationships, business or otherwise. Case in point is how he approached me and went on to build a business relationships when we didn’t know each other. We met on a cruise, hung out and built some rapport before even talking about possible business. Much classier than the majority of people that contact me looking to connect.”

Michael X –

Makes meaningful connections with nearly everyone...”

“When it comes to bad-a**ery with a big dose of genuine awesomeness, Jonathan Green is the man. Now only is he a straight shooter that knows how to work a stage and a room, but he is a really cool guy and knows how to make meaningful connections with nearly every person he meets.

Can’t wait to see him at the next event!”

Jonathan Heusman– Drop Shipping Jedi

The dude just gets it...”

“I met Jonathan for the first time at a live even a couple of years ago. When I met him, I instantly felt as if he were an ‘old friend’ that I’d known for years. After getting the opportunity to network with him more, learn more about him and his business endeavors, I cant proudly say this:

The dude just gets it.
Seriously. He’s one of the “good guys” that you can work with. And I can’t thank him enough for the great time that we had going out one night and the connections that he helped me make as well.
Thank’s a lot bro!”

Mitch Mauldin– Chief Integration Officer at GDW Inc.

Impossible to not make more money...”

“Learn how to be like my friend Jonathan Green and it’ll be almost impossible to not make more money, meet more cool people, and have more fun!”

Joe Lavery–

Meets people and makes them feel awesome...”

“When it comes to networking I gotta give mad props to my boy Jonathan Green. The way he meets people and makes them feel awesome is like no one I have ever see. Not only does he make you feel like a bada**, he takes care of you with epic parties as well.”

Ryan Magin–

“Set me off on the right path..."

“Jonathan Green’s way of networking and being a totally cool playa in public networking events is top notch. I see him all around the IN crowds. Taking a few pointers from him definitely set me off on the right path….I’d recommend getting this now!”

Seth Bias– Beast Marketing LLC


Get started building your empire TODAY. Form the contacts that will magnify your income and free you from the shackles of your current tax bracket. Start building your business and securing your financial future. There is no reward for hesitation.

Take action NOW. The price will go up, and these bonuses will disappear.

This Course is Not for Everyone

This program is designed for people who want a better life and have that entrepreneurial spirit. If you want to work in cubicle farms for the rest of your life, then you won’t enjoy this course. If you enjoy traditional “marketing events” where hundreds of people pass out business cards that nobody will ever use, then please don’t buy this course. This course is for people who want to form contacts with successful people easily in normal social situations.

Networking Empire

The Competition

Here's What You Get in Networking Empire

Frequently Asked Questions

P.S.: This is the exact system that turbocharged my work online and plugged me in to a network of millionaires dedicated to keeping my income high. You are the average of the people around you. When those people are millionaires, your income will explode. Take action before the bonuses disappear. With thirty days to try everything, you take zero risk.

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