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Create an Opt-In Page that Works on Kindle

Follow these steps to use my template.

Not many people know this, but your Kindle has a built-in web-browser. Previous versions of the Kindle made it easy to visit the web, but now the launch icon is hidden pretty well. You can put a link into your book and when someone with a Kindle clicks it, a web page will launch. Often readers don’t even realize what has happened when they clicked.  

This will skyrocket your optin rates as people no longer have to open a second device and try to correctly spell your link just to get a free gift.

Step 1: Download my Web Page Template

Step 2: UnZip the File

The file is actually a text document with a .txt ending but I had to compress to a .zip so that your browser will download the file, rather than just open it.

On most computers, you can double click the file and it will automatically uncompress, otherwise right-click and unzip the file.


If you have trouble with .zip files, then you can get the original file  HERE.

In your browser, click on “File” and then “Save Page As.”

Note that the file is .txt and the format is “text.” Just click save and you have your file ready to edit!

Step 2: Create Your Form

I use ConvertKit for ALL my email needs and that is what I will show in this demo. If you don’t have an email provider yet, you can sign up HERE.

If you already have an autoresponder, just follow these steps and make sure that you can get a raw HTML embed code (javascript won’t work).

Create a New Form in ConvertKit

Log into your ConvertKit account and go to the forms page at

Click on the red "New Form" button.

Select “Form” on the left side.

Choose an inline form (the others won’t work on Kindle.)

Select your template.  Most Kindle screens are small, so I avoid any images in my templates.  I like to use the “Mills” template so that I can have a headline and some text above my opt-in form.

Rename your form to match where you are going to use it, change the headline and paragraph text. You can turn off “Powered by ConvertKit” by clicking on that line of text and unchecking the box.

Once your form looks great, click the big red save button and then “EMBED”

Step 3: Get Your Embed Code

After clicking the EMBED button, you will see this popup.  The first option is javascript and while that looks so easy, you don’t want it.  Kindle devices can’t handle that code.  Choose HTML and then click the red COPY button.

Step 3: Edit the Template File

Open the .txt file using any text editor that you like.  The form is quite simple and it’s already set to HTML 5.  You are going to make TWO changes.

1. Replace “PAGE TITLE” with what you want to appear in the tab above the browser as the name of the page. For example, my Trap page has the title “TRAP Your Readers.”  You can simply put “Kindle Free Gift” if you can’t think of a great name off the top of your head.
2. Replace [INSERT HTML FORM CODE HERE] with the embed code from the previous step.  This will be REALLY long and look horrible, but that is the code ereaders love.  Notice that the lines above and below say “center” this is to put the box in the middle of the Kindle Screen.
When you’ve made all the changes you want, save the file.

Step 4: Upload to Your Website

Change the file extension from .txt to .html and it’s ready to share on the Internet. I find the easiest way to create my pages is with a new folder. On my server, I created a folder called “trapped” and placed the file into that folder.

Rename the file index.html once it is inside your desired folder.

The folder name will become the link to your new opt-in page.

You can use any FTP software that you like, such as Transmit, CuteFTP, Cyberduck, or FileZilla. They will all let you to this easily.

If you’re not comfortable with FTP software, you can go to the “file upload” page of your hosting company and upload the folder and file that way.

I recommend using Bluehost for your website as they are beginner friendly and adding your new opt-in form is a SNAP.

Inside of the Bluehost dashboard, click on Advanced and then “File Manager”

Inside of File Manager, select the folder for your domain. If you want to use your main domain, click on “public_html.” If you are using an add-on domain, click on the name of that domain. Then click “+Folder”

Name your folder for the link you want. I named my folder trapped, so that will be my link.

Then click “Create New Folder”

Select your new folder and click “Upload”

Drag your folder into the box or click the blue “Select File” button.

When your upload is complete, click on the blue “Go Back” link at the bottom of the screen.

You should now see the file “index.html” inside of the correct folder. If you forgot to rename your file earlier, you can do it now.

Step 5: Test Your New Page

You can visit my text form at to see if my form worked.  Visit your page and enter an email address to see if you get added to the correct list inside of ConvertKit.

Your new page is ready to be added to your next Kindle book!

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