Are people walking past your book without giving it a second glance?

Now You Can Have SHOWSTOPPING Done-For-You Book Cover Templates At Your Fingertips

Get over ONE HUNDRED customizable covers modelled on bestsellers in every format you’ll ever need!

Do you have a fantastic book that no one wants to pick up?

You’ve spent many months, maybe years slaving away at your book.

You’ve battled writers block, wrestled with grammar and stared hopelessly at blank pages.
Each and every sentence has been edited several times over, just to make it perfect.
It’s probably not your writing.
You’ve tried your hand at marketing, advertisements and promotions.
You’ve read every how-to guide under the sun. 
Maybe you’ve even spent money on several courses, hoping for the right secrets and strategies.
Nothing seems to be working.
It’s probably not how much you spend on ads.
Your friends and family have loved it.
They raved about it and supported you.
You believe in your book.

But when it flops, you start to wonder if they were lying.

There’s one crucial element you’ve probably overlooked, and it’s not your fault.

It’s the one thing that will make your book stand out.

It’s the book cover.

Let me show you what I mean:

Are you more likely to pick up the book on the left or the right?

It’s the one on the right, right?

The words and the image haven’t changed, yet one looks like it was made in Microsoft Word and Paint, while the other looks clean and professional.

It’s amazing what a change of fonts, colors and placements will do to a cover.  

And with a professional cover, people will pick up your book in a heartbeat.

All this can be achieved with a great book cover.

Without it, people will scroll on by, looking for better options.

People assume that if the cover is shoddy, so is the writing.

You have less than a second to make an impression…

That’s not long, is it?

And you don’t want to waste that on something that turns people away.

A book cover’s one and only function is to attract readers.

It’s not meant to show an exact scene, symbols or character from your book.
It’s not meant to express your personal passion or show people what you look like.
It’s not meant to be a hodgepodge of elements you think might look cool.
The cover draws them in to click on your book online, or pick it up from the bookshelf in person.

It pushesthem toward the next step, which is reading the description.

Your covermust show the reader they are in good hands and they can expect the book to be just as professional…

And show the reader that this book is for them.

Your book might be fantastic, but they’ll never start reading if there’s nothing to entice them to look at it in the first place.

So what makes a bestselling book cover?

A great book cover must do the following:

Let me show you some examples:

Without even looking at the title you can tell this is some kind of romance from the warm color shades.

The crown implies royalty or nobility, so the story would probably involve the drama of social politics.

The font is clean and legible, the color matching the theme and standing out naturally without any gimmicks.

This cover is exciting, the movement and the red really catches your eye and implies there is some action in this novel.

The style of dress, hair and background shows that it’s probably a fictional story set in the past, but not so much in a fantasy way.

Again the title is nice and clean, standing out against the character and emphasizing the necessary words.

In contrast to the others, the title is the main feature here in a striking red and large standout letters.

The grey background conveys the tone of the novel while emphasizing the title.

And the scribbled font around the person suggests a mystery thriller, probably a stalking psychopath.

You can immediately get a sense of what to expect from these books just from the covers.

It’s highly unlikely that your book will be displayed in sizes such as these on first glance. These covers also work well as small thumbnails:

You can still catch the intended meaning and tone of the book, and all of them stand out.
If you’ve got too many cluttered details, a prospective reader will never see them.
And they are still compelling in black and white:

So did these covers actually do their job?

I think so. The Kiss Thief is a number one bestseller in Romance, a highly competitive category:

The Snow Gypsy matches genre expectations as a bestselling historical fiction novel:

And I Am Watching You hit #17 on the Amazon Charts across to ALL genres (just look at those reviews!)

Of course, the book has to be well written, but…

All the marketing in the world won’t get people to people to pick up your book if the cover is poorly executed.

Or even worse, misleading.

A misleading cover is a surefire way to get one star reviews filled with angry customers and broken promises.

Amongst the thousands of mistakes a beginner can make, not communicating the genre is a BIG one.

If you’re writing a thriller, you’d probably want dark colors to show that tense mood, like this:

But a few simple DIY mistakes and you could end up with something like this:

Is it a suburban drama? A parenting memoir?

I’m not sure, but it doesn’t say thriller.

It might perfectly match your protagonist’s hair, or show that heartwarming scene exactly as you imagined it, but to a reader it just says confusing.

Confusion Doesn’t Sell

What if you wanted to publish a non-fiction travel book, filled with all the wonders of your travelling journeys?

Something like this would give the reader good expectations.

It conveys the mood of adventure and discovering amazing landscapes.

It conveys the mood of adventure and discovering amazing landscapes.

With just the wrong font and a different kind of desert photo, now it looks like some kind of thriller, or perhaps a horror novel.

Maybe that’s the kind of desert you actually visited, maybe it’s an actual photo of you in the desert.

But does that make you want to visit? It looks bleak and lonely.

It’s not ideal.

And these kinds of covers—and far worse—get put on Amazon every day.

When you’re up against so much competition, you need to put your best foot forward.

You need to understand the elements of a professional cover.

And I’m not the only one who thinks so.

One of the leading book cover design companies1, ran a test to see which version of their book covers got more clicks and they found that:

“The new, redesigned book covers generated 51% more clicks than the originals.”

My friend Derek Murphy remade the covers of a three part fiction series and here’s what his customer reported:

“Sales of all three books in the series tripled after changing the first book’s cover.”

It can also lead to more exposure.

AhamadArdalan attempted to get into BookBub three times, but only after the cover for The Gardener of Bagdad was redesigned by Scarlet Rugers was it accepted for their coveted promotional calendar.

And look how the book is doing now:

A professional book cover sounds pretty good now, right?

But It’s Not That Easy…

Professional cover design can range from hundreds to THOUSANDS of dollars.

If you go somewhere cheap, you’ll get what you pay for. Which is not much.

And a DIY approach usually leads to tons of mistakes, screaming at Photoshop and hours upon hours of wasted time.

If you also happen to be a graphic designer or artist, great.

But there is a BIG difference between art and typography.

Your book cover is not the time or place to be unique or abstract.

It has to stand out by fitting in.

That sounds like a contradiction, but it’s not.

Your book must match genre expectations.

People have favorite genres for a reason—they want MORE of the same.

They want to be taken through the same emotional journey, or learn different aspects of the same topic.

Your book cover is a promise of what’s coming.

If it looks nothing like what they’ve read in the past, they’re unlikely to pick it up, even if the art is beautiful.


Because confusion never sells.

If they don’t know what to expect from your book, they’ll pick up the next one.

However, I don’t think you want to spend years learning design theory and studying the bestseller list for months.

So what can you do?

There’s another option…

Introducing the Ultimate Cover Collection:
100 Stunning, Editable Templates Modelled From Bestsellers Across Top Genres

Here’s an example of what you’ll get for EVERY cover design…

Start with a professional template and customize to your heart’s desire, the hard work is already done, all you need to do is edit the title and photo to match your book!

Whichever format you want your book in, you’ve got it! Hardly anyone else offers audiobook formats, but I want to make sure I’ve got you covered.

Can’t use Photoshop or Affinity Photo? Not to worry, you can use any program that can open a PSD file, including free ones like GIMP.

Every cover has its own genre-fitting font you can download and use for free wherever you want—no more using stock fonts like Comic Sans!

Make your covers quickly and painlessly in minutes—not hours or days. There’s no need to hire an expensive cover designer ever again!

Instead of worrying about the technical details and learning the ins and outs of designing, you can focus on the fun parts and be creative!

This is just a small sample of what you’ll get:

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, let me know and I’ll ADD it in! Or… you can mix and match elements from multiple templates, the possibilities are endless!

It’s tough to write a book.

It’s even tougher to sell one successfully.

There are many factors which go into being successful, and your book cover is your first, and likely ONLY chance to make a good impression.

Why shoot yourself in the foot with a bad cover to ruin all your hard work?

That’s a mistake that could cost you tons of sales and visibility.

I don’t want you to do that, which is why I created this cover collection for you.

And to help you even further, I’ve got some amazing bonuses coming your way…

BONUS #1 — Cover DesignTraining

Still confused on how to edit your book cover? Does Photoshop make your head spin? In these training videos I will walk you step by step to customize your book cover and make it your own.

Become the FONT KING:

Learn how to download the fonts used for free—you can

use these fonts anywhere, including creating matching book promotion materials!

Design in a FLASH:

Follow along with me as I show you how QUICKLY and EASILY

I edit a book cover in both Photoshop and Affinity Photo

Learn from the MASTER:

Watch the exact process I go through when modelling a

cover so you can learn the do’s and don’ts of following other covers in your genre

You no longer have to be afraid of opening Photoshop and not knowing where to start. I’m not a Photoshop expert, but even I can show you how to get in, customize your cover, and get out in minutes

You don’t have to mess around with all the fancy tools, only a select few are needed to have a professional, genre-matching cover of your own.

BONUS #2 — From Amateur To Professional

I asked people to send in their REAL covers that weren’t doing well, and I redesigned them. I’m including ALL of the new designs as editable formats, and there’s a ton of them!


Learn from people’s actual mistakes and distinguish

what doesn’t work well in those genres so you don’t make the same errors

Enjoy the EXTRA LOOT:

Get TONS of bonus designs in all formats to use and

customize as you wish!


See the before and after versions of amateurto

professional covers and find out how to turn the elements you have into covers that land you more sales

Know that you’re not alone in this and it’s so easy to make mistakes, even the smallest change can have the biggest effect.

BONUS #3— Get Feedback On Your Book Cover

I invite you to join the private Facebook group where you can get real feedback on your cover designs before you decide on a cover!


You can ask me to personally look at your cover designs and

I’ll give you my honest, prompt feedback

​Journey with a TRIBE:

Surround yourself with others going on a similar journey

in a supportive community and ask questions about your specific situation

Be part of the SECRET CLUB:

Enjoy EXCLUSIVE training videos and other content

only for people in this group!

It’s great to get feedback from your friends and family, but they often don’t know what makes a great cover—and are likely to lead you in the wrong direction unintentionally, or give conflicting advice

When you ask for help here, you can be assured that you’ll get feedback that will help launch you in the right direction.(And if you don’t have Facebook, you can email me personally!)

BONUS #3— Get Feedback On Your Book Cover

It’s a pain to advertise, I get it. And it’s the same principle, if your ads don’t look enticing no one will click on them. That’s why I’ve created this extra bonus package for you!


Dazzle your audience to click on your ads

that match your new book cover


Brand your website or profile with these top-notch professional



Save your valuable time with these quick edit templates,

just change the image and the title!

You don’t have to waste time trying to match the same colors and creating a new layout anymore. You get a Facebook page header size, Facebook share size and a Pinterest share size—plenty to get you off the ground!

Check them out:

So What Is This Going To Cost Me?

Let’s look at what the competition says I should charge.

A LOT, to put it simply.

Many cover designers charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a single cover design… and what if you don’t like it?

You’ll have to crack open your wallet again to get the revisions you need.

Spending hundreds of even thousands of dollars on a book cover can seem like a great idea.

But, when you’re only making a few bucks a month for each book you sell, it can take MONTHS to recover your investment.

Instead of making a profit, your book is paying off a debt to your designer.

Shouldn’t you get to enjoy the rewards for your hard work?

Maybe hiring a freelancer directly is a better option. Aren’t there sites where you can get a cover for just five bucks?

Not anymore.

These ‘$5 designers’ are charging $40-75+ per hour? That’s going to add up very, very quickly.

Especially with additional edits and changes which you KNOW is going to happen.

Even following the cheapest prices, 100+ book cover designs are worth over $1000.

Plus the bonus covers and training videos.

And the social media graphics.

And getting feedback from a community of bestselling authors…

I could easily charge well over a thousand dollars and STILL be cheaper than the competition.

But that kind of price is a little ridiculous.

I want you to sell books and enjoy the rewards for your hard labor—not spend the next six months paying me off.

That’s why for a limited time only…

I’m practically giving it away.

Every single day your book is up with a bad cover you’re losing sales.

After a certain amount of time your book gets downgraded in the bookstore’s algorithms.

Just like when a new book gets put in the front of the bookstore, but if it doesn’t sell it gets shelved spine out and pushed to the back of the room.

Eventually you end up in a storage room where people can only find your book if they specifically ask for it.

And the same thing happens online—at first your book is in the hot new releases and it gets a lot of attention, but over time it starts to drop.

You might think you can wait to change your cover, but you actually can’t.

Because once your book is pushed to the bottom its very hard to get a second chance.

And you don’t want to be a book that people have to ask for because your sales will tank.

So the longer you wait, the more sales you’ll lose.

This price is ridiculously low.

I don’t know how much longer I can keep it here.

This is an introductory price, but I will have to raise it because we don’t want everyone in the whole world to have these exact templates.

We’ll be raising the price so that only serious authors can get in.

You’re here early, so that’s why you’re seeing this promotional price.

The bonuses are for a limited time only…

I can only manually review so many covers, and the Facebook group can only handle so many.

So that bonus will disappear.

Don’t be surprised if you close this page and come back tomorrow and the bonuses are gone.

This is a no brainer!

But if you aren’t satisfied for any reason I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

You have a full 30 days to check out all the covers, go through all the training and play around with them.

Just shoot me an email if you’re unhappy and I’ll click a button and send you back your money, no questions asked.

Do You Want People To Discover Your Book?

Working from a blank page is daunting.

But now you don’t have to do that with the Ultimate Cover Collection.

It’s as easy as open, edit, and save.

No more messing around with complicated design programs

No more managing your budget to afford a cover designer.

You’ll have more time to get back to the things you love, like actual writing, rather than designing.

You’ll be able to catch the eyes of potential superfans, and stand proudly alongside other traditional bestsellers without anyone knowing the difference.

At only $97, this is a steal.

But the price won’t stay that way for long.


P.S I’ve designed over 100 bestseller-inspired, eye-catching book cover templates to help more authors with amazing books get readers. I’m not great with Photoshop, so these templates will do the hard design work for you, and also I’ve included quick and easy training videos to help you!

You have less than a second to make a great impression. Do you want that to be a bad one? I don’t think so.

And if you’re unsatisfied in any way, I offer a 30 day money back guarantee, but I’m confident that you’ll love these templates. Are you ready for people to notice your book?


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