Make $1000 a month with your writing even if you only have an hour a day...

The World Has Never Been Hungrier To Pay Top Dollar For Freelance Writers… Will You Be One Of Them?

Earn while you learn and do what you love for a living without a blog, website or ANY technical knowledge!

Despite the idea of the ‘starving artist', many writers DO actually make money.

Enough money for a side income, enough for a comfortable—even lucrative living.

And the best part is, you don't have to be an amazing writer, have gone to college or got full marks in English.

The ability to read and write means you're already qualified.

The internet is a living monster and it constantly demands new content.

Every day tens of thousands of websites pay for new articles, blog posts, reviews and books. Their need is far larger than the supply.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, engaging content generates 3x more customers and leads than anything else… which means people are always paying top dollar for good writing.

However, don't worry.

I don't claim to be the world's greatest writer. I also know a lot of brilliant writers who are also starving artists.

What I do know is how to make a living from writing and how to do it FAST. The only way to get better at writing is to actually do it. If you aren't writing, then you'll never get any better.

There are hundreds of companies right now that will pay you while you learn to become an amazing writer. All you need to know is how to read and write and you're good to go.

As you get better you can increase your rates over and over and over again!

You can get paid as a writer THIS MONTH even if…

How cool does that sound?

Being a freelance writer has a ton of advantages, after all.

You can decide when you work, so you can fit it flexibly around all your other commitments.  Like in the survey above, most writers spend less than 2 hours promoting and managing their business.

You can pick what you work on so you're always doing what you love.

You can choose who you work with, giving you the freedom to walk away from difficult clients.

And of course…

Writers don’t have to be poor. Would you like to make $15,300 on the side?

That screenshot didn't include my royalties or percentage arrangements either (which means I get money forever from something I only did once!).

For a very long part of my career, writing fed my family. It paid for my baby's diapers, their schooling and healthcare, as well as for all of us to live our dream lives on a tropical island.

As one of the most sought-after ghostwriters in the world, I've written hundreds of bestsellers on Amazon and have some of the largest direct response books in the world (grossing over $10 million) so you can be sure I know what I'm talking about.

It's really not as hard as people think to build a writing business these days.

But of course, not everyone wants build an entire empire online. Sometimes you just want to make a few extra bucks to help cover the bills.

Look at just a handful of these writers on Upwork…

With prices ranging from $25-$125+ per hour and hundreds of jobs between them… that's a pretty nice sum, don't you think?

And there's thousands more writers like them. Listen to some of these stories…

Jenni Gritters lost her job without warning in 2018. Like many she spent a while trying desperately to replace it, then realized she didn't want to go back to another 9-5.

She launched her writing business, ZEST Storycraft… and in the first year she made over $120k with 25 clients—and even took 20+ short vacations while doing so!

Kate Burnett was another woman who wanted a business that gave her freedom to be present with her family. In a few days, she set up two websites and got to work.

In her first month she earned a modest $1,600 from four clients—two of which she got from simply overcoming her fear of telling people she was a writer!

Not only did all of Kate's clients want to keep working with her but it goes to show that there are often clients closer than you think, you just have to be brave enough to tell people.

Need to hear a few more examples?

Ariel Stephens, a mother to 4 children bought a course teaching her how to become a freelance writer… and lo and behold she broke even on her FIRST WEEK.

Vanessa Infanzon, also a mother was looking to retire from her college admin career so she could stay home and take care of her family. In her second year she brought home $18,500 and has 10-12 recurring clients! How's that for a part time, flexible job doing what you love?

Finally Qat Wanders, a single mom suffering from chronic pain knew that traditional jobs weren't an option.

She threw herself into the fray and nabbed her first blog post at $250… eventually, one of her long time clients asked her to write a 60k book for her. At her price of $1/word, you can guess how much she earned!

So don't worry about constantly scrambling for clients… most writers have recurring long term clients!

However, you can't just walk into a writing career without a plan…

Pursuing anything without a strategy is like expecting to make it to the airport on time, in an unfamiliar city without a map.

You might get there, but it's going to be a lot more stress and headache than if you knew where you were going.

In fact, it's often the struggling writers you hear about that are the ones who don't have a plan.

Are you willing to wander around aimlessly, wasting your time and money experimenting without really knowing what to do?

I want to help you.

Imagine becoming a successful freelancer without all of the aches and pains that come with trying to make it on your own:

No more competing with people halfway around the world willing to work for a tenth of what you need to survive

No more working on spec (that's fancy writer talk for FREE) for some website and hoping that people pay you sometime down the line

No more killing yourself writing for a dozen different clients and hardly getting paid anything because you “need to make a name for yourself”

​No more getting trapped working for a middleman who takes a huge bite out of every single paycheck that comes your way

Become A Highly Paid Writer With Words To Profit 2.0

Fully revamped and updated with all my latest content and new strategies!

Module 1: Earn While You Learn

This process is exactly what I've done for my business, and the exact training I'm putting my own writing team through (and that you can use to train writers if you wish!).

That means this works. It's a tried and tested strategy that more than pays the bills, and I'm giving it to you.

Get Paid BEFORE You Write a Word: As a writer, you will always get a paycheck BEFORE you write a single word – my clients always pay at least half up front. You could even get paid as soon as this week!

Follow The 3X PAYMENT Strategy: Want to get paid three times for the same skill? With this, you'll get paid to learn, do it, and teach it if you choose

Build Your Writing FOUNDATION: There are a few crucial things you must do first before launching your writing biz, so don't miss out on these steps

Module 2: Get Paid Top Dollar For Short Content

Blogs and articles are prevalent in today's world. Every business has a blog and every blog needs writers to bring in a new audience and therefore, more customers.

It's a huge pillar in people's strategy, and there's always people looking. In this module I'll break down how you can write killer blog posts so you'll be able to impress clients right off the bat.

The One Page You Can Give To IMPRESS: Contrary to believe, you don't have to do much more than present yourself as competent to stand out… but this one quick page will push you over the edge and get you hired ASAP

Discover The SCIENCE Of A Blog Post: A blog post isn't just a hunk of text… there's a winning structure you need to follow to make sure it's engaging, and it's simpler than you think

Take It To The FINISH LINE: I was losing 60% of the paycheck to other people because of this one simple mistake that didn't take long for me to do, don't fall into the same trap!

Module 3: Writing Books To Quadruple Your Income

While short articles are good income, if you can write books for people you can charge a TON more.

Because books intrinsically have more value, you could charge $5k-20k+ for a short book… which is basically just like writing a big article. Pick up this skill and you'll be raking it in in no time.

Learn The EASY RESEARCH Strategy: Use what other people have done to easily fast track your own work, all the while making your writing 10% better than the competition…

Balance The SIZZLE And The STEAK: Wanna know how to get people super interested in your book, where they get pulled in by your words in an unputdownable read—here's how you do it…

Get Them To Write It FOR YOU: Does your client want a book? This is my tactic to get them to basically write it for you during one interview, without knowing that they have!

Module 4: Finding Clients With Ease

Clients are something everyone freaks out about. It can be nerve-wracking and tough to get that first person to take a chance on you…

Which is why I've developed a rock solid strategy that helps people get started when they have nothing. Once you get started, you can start snowballing from there!

Build Your Portfolio WHILE GETTING PAID: Yes, it's possible and I've done it. If you're smart about it, you can follow this system and get paid to learn, building your credibility and experience as well as fattening your wallet!

Client Hunting VS Client TRAPPING: Most people struggle with freelancing because they spend way too much time trying to hunt down new clients… when instead they should be coming to you

Navigate The Freelance World LIKE A PRO: You'll learn how to get jobs without competing amongst the masses, position yourself so clients come to you, be confident enough to tell people you're a freelancer and more…

Module 5: Negotiating Deals So You Come Out On Top

Negotiating deals can seem like a scary process because we have to deal with the question of price, legalities and trying not to upset either side… or that's what most people think.

I've negotiated many deals in my life and I can tell you that there's one major thing people lack, which gets them screwed over in the end. This is a module you can't miss.

How To MASTER Your Numbers: These are the five numbers you must know in order to survive in this business AND know what to charge so you're getting paid what you're worth

Discover The Importance Of FRAME CONTROL: There are only three outcomes to a negotiation, either you win, they win, or you both walk away… which outcome to do want? You can actually control this, so here's how…

Don't Fall For ‘Pro Bono', Make Sure You're Getting PAID: A lot of places want you to write for free for them to get a review or as a ‘test' article… and while there is a merit to getting reviews and a need to demonstrate your skills, this is how you balance them so you don't get taken advantage of

Module 6: Getting Paid Often, And On Time

You'd be surprised how much of a hassle the ‘getting paid' part can be, and I've got a million bad client stories I could share.

But, instead we'll focus on how to avoid them and make sure the money leaves their account and lands in yours. With some simple rules to follow, the chances of you getting burned will drop to almost nil.

Get A Piece Of The ACTION: Not only can you get paid money up front you can also get a percentage of every sale… forever. How does that sound?

Do It The MILESTONE Way: My favorite way to get paid is this way because it ensures that both of you are moving forward through the process and saves you from not getting paid for work you've already done

Keep The Money SAFE: Unfortunately, people can be sneaky (both clients and freelancers)… which is why it can be better to use a third party between you so both can operate in assurance that the money has left their account, and that they'll get the job completed

This works for everyone...

Become A Highly Paid Writer Today

It's simple. Writing pays the bills.

Even as a newbie, you'll be able to cover the cost of this program with just one client. From there on out, it's all profit for life.

Imagine being able to work from home, in your pjs after spending time with your family… writing what you love and getting paid top dollar?

Imagine holding that first paycheck in your hands. How good would that feel?

$97 is nothing for the ability to bring home thousands and thousands from the ease of your laptop and the comfort of your home.

When you'll have the power to create a whole new life for yourself and your family, investing a mere $97 is nothing.

But let me sweeten the deal anyway with these bonuses!

Bonus 1: Article Dollars

In the main training, I break down how to write an entire book in less than a week. With Article Dollars, we dial into writing small blog posts and articles for quick cash. Writing articles ALONE can earn you $1,000 a month working an hour a day.

Write Smart In PACKS: Learn how to write articles in groups of ten to maximize your efficiency so you're not spending all day in your business and you can relax

Start Small And Get Paid FAST: How to write quick articles to build your portfolio and reputation so you get money in your pocket sooner than later

Find Clients Who LOVE Your Work: Discover the secret to finding amazing article clients that will keep on buying more work from you

Bonus 2: Royalty Magic

Learn how to move from flat rates to recurring income, royalties and long-term projects. Many direct response clients only offer you a small part of their entire project. When you understand their full needs, you can take on a larger role — including creating a newsletter.

Stop The Endless Client SEARCH: It can be exhausting to look for clients all the time, which is why you want to learn how to lock in monthly income for the rest of the year so you control steady pay

Charge MORE For The SAME Work: Once you get on a roll, you can start to increase your perceived value and raise your rates to double or triple what you've been charging (even though you're doing the same thing!)

Learn How To STACK Your Projects: Negotiate to take on larger projects to bank more per client for services that are super easy to perform

Bonus 3: Make $1000 This Month

Want to learn how to make $1000 this month?  Follow these nine easy steps to jumpstart your online business career to start making money online.  That first step and dollar is a very important step because you'll realize and prove to yourself that you're actually able to do so, then nothing will stop you.

Develop The THOUSAND DOLLAR Mindset: It's not a question of whether you can make the money, it's about whether you believe you can make the money… and that's what we're going to change

How To Create An AWESOME Upwork Profile: Upwork doesn't just accept anyone, and sometimes it can take a few goes to get onto the system, so listen to these tips to bypass common mistakes and get accepted immediately

Get The ‘YES' PROPOSAL: Learn how to pitch a fantastic proposal to get you noticed and hired by your ideal clients as well as getting paid what you're worth

Bonus 4: Writing SOP

Watch me plan out and organize a non-fiction book or articles so you can follow along and repeat this exact process. This SOP (standard operating procedure) is something you can copy or give to your own team to train writers underneath you! As a bonus, you'll also see my fiction walkthrough too 🙂

Build Your Solid FRAMEWORK: Pulling a book or series together under a central theme is a crucial step from going from random articles to a really great book

How To Write An Introduction That SELLS: If you can write an introduction that pulls people in and makes them not want to put it down, you've got a seller… so let me show you how to write a killer introduction

Watch Me Outline A BOOK: Especially if you're writing a book that teaches, this outline is going to give you a great starting point to write books that sells

Bonus 5: Blog Post Live

This session we're going to do the same, but deep dive into a blog post. There's a lot more to a great post than just writing stuff down you find on Google, so this process will help you stand out above the rest.

Track Your COMPETITION: The posts yours will be next to are important to pay attention to because they're the basis of your next #1 ranking post

How To Handle All The NITTY GRITTY: Navigate the world of images, copyright, tags, categories, formatting and more… all these skills will significantly increase the price you can charge for very little extra work

Brainstorm A KILLER HEADLINE: Most people only read the headline, so it's one of the most important parts of your post that not many people get right… so develop this skill and impress all your clients!

Bonus 6: Coloring Book Secrets Live

While this isn't quite writing, it's another great way to get income rolling in. A short version of my Coloring Book Profits course, you're in for a real treat. This is something you can teach anyone, you don't need to be an artist or a designer!

Make Money WITHOUT Writing A Word: Take a break from writing and make some passive income on the side! Coloring books are a hot market and they're not difficult to make… let me show you with this demo

Don't Draw, TRACE It Out: Watch me create a page live so you can see just how easy it is, you don't have to do anything more than copy & paste and trace it out!

Teach Your KIDS And Have Fun Together: I gave my wife and kids an iPad so they could do this on the side… and if they can do it, so can you!

Bonus 7: Website In A Box

Making a website to display your portfolio can be intimidating, but I'm about to show you how to do it yourself in under 60 minutes. You can follow me step by step to set up your own simple website so you can have a central place to capture your own clients on autopilot.

Get Past All The Tech Stuff With EASE: There's a plethora of options out there for websites, but you needn't get bogged down in all the details… simply follow what I do and you'll breeze past it all with ease

Find The PERFECT Domain Name: Your domain is important, and while it's often your name you'll be using, this is how you go about finding one that's both suitable and searchable, as well as available

Start Your Automated CLIENT FUNNEL: I'll show you how to get a blog up and running as well as set up to collect emails so you can contact people straight away who are interested in you (without being by the phone 24/7)

Become A Highly Paid Writer Today

I'm confident that if you follow the training and start your writing business, you could get your first client as soon as this week.

That's why I'm also including my 30 day no questions asked guarantee.

Take action now, and you'll have an extra month to go through the content and try everything on for size. If it's not the right fit, you can get every penny back.

I won't be offended if you do. Email [email protected] and I'll get you sorted right away.

However… you'll have to act fast.

I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to keep the price this low. (Consider it's $500 for an hour of my time and you're getting a ton of hours of teaching…)

I may decide to raise the price, or take this down altogether so if you do decide to come back later, don't be upset if it's gone.

But more to the point, you need to act fast for YOU.

Your writing empire awaits…

Don't say I'll do it tomorrow, or later. (Remember, what is today but yesterday's tomorrow…)

If you walk away now, you'll simply go back to your life as is… whether that means struggling through your 9-5 or being bored and unfulfilled…

Is that really the life you want for yourself?

Wouldn't you rather be able to live in freedom? To be able to reap your own rewards rather than line someone else's pocket?

With calendars, that's exactly the life you can have.

Join millions around the world and change your life with writing today.

Add Words To Profit To Your Order Today

P.S People are always looking for written content to help them grow their businesses… and as long as you can read and write, you've got what it takes. I spent a large part of my career as a ghostwriters so I know exactly how you can follow in my footsteps and become a profitable writer yourself.

With the revamped Words To Profit 2.0 we'll go even deeper into the writing world and help you earn money as soon as this week from your articles and books, get paid to learn and grow your portfolio and make a great income on the side (or full time). You'll have a full 30 days to check out the program and try out all the techniques, so you're losing nothing by enrolling today. Become a highly paid writer today!


That's okay!

You don't need to be an expert writer or have even written a single word before, this will help you grow and develop your writing skills.

I'm far from the greatest writer in the world, but I know how to make money from it and show you how to do the same.

As long as you can read and write, you'll be fine.

Not at all.

I subscribe to the belief that you should spend from your profits.

And unless you want to take a professional photo (which you can easily do from your smartphone) there isn't really anything you need to ‘buy upfront' so to speak.

Things like setting up a website can come later. All you need right now is the ability to keep moving forward, and you'll be just fine.

You don't have to be.

It's only as complicated as you make it. I'll show you step by step what you need to do to get started (that's all you need) and anything extra is up to you.

Once you've done it once, you're pretty much good to go!

Absolutely. You are 100% covered by my no-questions asked, 30 days guarantee.

If for any reason, no matter how insignificant, you are not 100% happy, just let me know and I'll issue a full and complete refund on the spot.

I know you're ready to take those first steps to freedom.

Who knows, you could even end up doing better than me.

But hurry, this training might not be available for long.

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